8  2019 KISSS Kart Racing
Keep It Simple Sprint Series
Presented By
Last Kart Race of 2019

Saturday Oct 12th


Tentative Schedule

Registration 7am-8:30am

Practice by class 8:30

Drivers Meeting 10:30

Qualifying Starts after Drivers Meeting

Clockwise/Backwards Layout

Qualifying with GreenGreen, White, Checkered

One 8 Lap Heat

One 14 Lap Feature

Kid Karts will do one 6 lap Heat and one 8 lap feature

Friday Practice for karts only 4pm to dark

If you practice Friday you will not have to purchase your racer pit pass on Saturday!

We will NOT be providing fuel at the race track

2019 Class Structure                     Min. Wt.
• Kid Karts Comer/Lo206               125#
• Yamaha/206 Sportsman               240#
• Yamaha/206 Junior                       310#
• Yamaha Senior Supercan           360#
• Lo206 Senior /CIK                         365#
• 80cc Senior Shifter                       385#

**We will entertain adding classes if there are at least 3 entries.**
The winner in the all of the kids classes will receive trophies at the end of
the race day and a free entry for the next KISSS race.
Senior classes will be racing for money (provided they have at least 8
entries in their class). $100 to 1st place, $50 to 2nd place & $25 for 3rd place.